About Us

“I started Sharecuterie firstly, because I love charcuterie (who doesn’t?)!

Secondly, because I wanted to support and showcase other amazing small local businesses & makers”  – Cassandra (Owner of Sharecuterie)

Sharecuterie is Indigenous, celiac & woman-owned. Visibility and inclusion is important to us!

Each one of our boards will contain artisanal cheeses as well as a variety of cured meats, fresh/dried fruit, crackers, pretzels, nuts, chocolate, toffee, jellies, jams, honey and so much more!

THERE IS NO SET MENU. Every Sharecuterie board will be unique and different! Board items will change depending on what is in season, tasty and available locally. 

The items on our boards will either be locally sourced or purchased from small/local businesses in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba.

We are allergy friendly. 

Have a special request or maybe an event that needs catering? Send us an email. We would love to make your Sharecuterie idea into a reality.

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Safety is a priority

⚪ Manitoba Food Handler Certified

⚪ Working out of a commercial kitchen