Corporate Orders

Are you looking to have a COVID friendly work party catered?

Or are you looking for unique gifts for your employees that helps support multiple small local businesses?

Look no further! Sharecuterie has multiple options to suit whatever your needs are.

Have a Sharecuterie idea that is not featured below? Let us know. We do special orders and would love to turn your idea into a reality.

*All corporate orders require 1-2 weeks notice. Payment is required in full one week to event. No refunds if cancelled less than 1 week prior to the event.*

Please contact us via email to order. 

Mini Sharecuterie Cups

Looking for snack size individual option that will impress? Enjoy Sharecuterie’s local flavours in an adorable mini cup.

Our Mini Sharecuterie Cups include cured meat, artisanal cheese, a pickle, grapes, berries, yogurt covered pretzel, cracker, pretzels. Garnished with fresh rosemary. All either locally sourced or purchased from small local businesses in the city and rural Manitoba.

$10 each. Extra cost for vegan & gluten friendly.

Sharecuterie Cocktails

Want to wow your recipients? Our Sharecuterie Cocktails are the way to go. 

Enjoy Sharecuterie’s local delicious charcuterie flavours in the form of a cocktail glass!

Each glass will include cured meat, artisanal cheese, grapes, berries, pretzels, crackers, yogurt covered pretzels & a garnish. 

$35 each. Extra cost for vegan & gluten friendly. 

Bothwell sharecuterie

Bothwell Boxes

Did you know that Bothwell Cheese is one of Canada’s largest independently owned cheese makers & that they are located right here in New Bothwell, MB!? Check out our Bothwell Boxes!

They will include a rotating selection of Bothwell cheese and other made in MB products like Fancy Infusions Pepper Jelly, Utoffeea handcrafted toffee and much more!

$20 each Minimum 3 per order. 15% off when ordering over 20.

Mini Boxes

Enjoy Sharecuterie’s amazing local and artisanal charcuterie flavours in an easy-to-go box.

$45 each. Extra charge for vegan & gluten friendly.

10% discount if ordering over 10.
15% discount if ordering over 20.